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At SAMSON we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, design and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.

We work collaboratively with our customers to identify the best suitable chassis as per the fabrication requirement and sketching appropriate floor plan for long run. Some projects are unique in design and concept and require special design competency and flexible approach. Unique manufacturing process is what makes each vehicle an exclusive model. We map custom framework for every vehicle which is technically and fundamentally sound to match its performance with that of the originally available components of the chassis, allowing the automobile to operate at a high level.

SAMSON aspires to find the ideal solution with the highest quality and efficiency retaining the present day rules and regulations.

We offer:

  • Personalised design and layout.
  • Easy to understand vehicle diagrams with accurate dimensions and reference pictures wherever necessary.
  • Custom structural framework to maximise structural strength where necessary and to avoid unnecessary structural weight where not necessary, hence reducing the overall weight of the vehicle for optimum mileage.
  • Balancing weight accurately where heavy equipments like generator, dental chairs, split AC, condensers, water tank etc. are involved to reduce future wear and tear of the vehicle.
  • Suitable place along with wiring, required power points and installation assistance for your devices/ gadgets. E.g. medical equipments, WIFY router, computer, printer, microwave oven, refrigerator, TV, music system, tea/ coffee vending machines, hot plates etc.



  • To have primary discussion with the client in all respect.
  • To be honest in all communications and actions.
  • To be loyal within the framework of other ethical principles.
  • Strive to be fair and just in all dealings.
  • Obey the law.
  • Pursue excellence all the time in all things.
  • Service first and profit next.
  • To be accountable.

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Samson Thomas Gonsalves

Founder + Motivation + Boundless Energy

Our nearly two decades of experience in the sector is enhanced by the in-depth knowledge contributed by our honorable founder and mentor Mr. Samson Thomas Gonsalves , who started from virtually nothing, and yet reached what appeared to be impossible, all in the space of 20 years. Regardless of challenges and circumstances, his passion to excel in the sector with honesty, clear vision and plan of execution formulated the process to support his business goals. SAMSON has now become a brand which covers everything from bullet proof vehicles to double decked buses, and this serves as an inspiration to the next generation of entrepreneurs. His practical understanding of the domain, brilliant managerial and decision making skills, business acumen, leadership and compelling vision of the future is the driving force that motivates SAMSON MOTOR to stand apart from the competition. ​

Leroy Victor Cavalho

Sales & Client Handling + Knowledge + Brutal Honesty

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Jonita Gonsalves Carvalho

Marketing & Production + Innovation + An eye for detail

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